Sheffield rAlbumin ACF

A recombinant animal-component-free replacement for HSA, BSA, and can be used to reduce/replace serum when used as a stand alone supplement or when combined with other components such as plant-derived protein hydrolysates. Albumin is used in a wide array of industrially relevant applications, including but not limited to the following: as a performance enhancer in commercial bioproduction, as an adjuvant/stabilizer in vaccines, as a standard in protein calibration studies, as a carrier for lipids in tissue culture applications, as a blocking agent in Western blots or ELISA assays and can be used for enhanced cell cloning efficiency. It can also be used in the cryopreservation of various cell lines.

It has been shown to outperform other established albumin products, and is a cost-effective alternative to other commercially available non-animal based albumin products.

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