LubriTose™ RC

LubriTose™ RC line of excipients are integrated co-processed systems developed to assist formulators with challenges typically encountered with roller compaction such as:

  • Sticking of excipients to rolls
  • Low throughput – limited powder draw when over lubricated, or roll sticking if under-lubricated.
  • Precision blending of other excipients for lubrication only

LubriTose™ RC is available as an Anhydrous Lactose or Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC), base which is co-processed with Glyceryl Monostearate as the internal lubricant. The lubricant is co-processed in a manner that allows for a thin coat of lubricant over the particles that provides sufficient lubrication of the entire formulation.


  • Increase in ribbon mass throughput due to improved powder feeding efficiency
  • Corresponding increase in roll gap due to increased throughput (at same screw speed and hydraulic pressure)
  • Roll gap can be reduced by increasing the roll speed while keeping screw speed and hydraulic pressure constant
  • Comparable solid ribbon fraction before and after the rollers which is an important QbD consideration
  • Elimination of sticking on roll surfaces

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