Lactose Anhydrous Inhalation 40M

Lactose is a disaccharide obtained from the whey fraction of milk consisting of one glucose and one galactose moiety. Sheffield brand Lactose Anhydrous Inhalation 40M is recommended as an excipient, filler, and carrier for dry powder inhalation applications. It meets all requirements of the current National Formulary, the European Pharmacopeia, and the Japanese Pharmacopeia and all ingredients are certified rennet free. 

Particle Size 

Method Descripition     


Lazor, % >100 mesh (150 μm)


Lazor, % >140 mesh (106 μm)


Lazor, % >200 mesh (75 μm)


Lazor, % >325 mesh (45 μm)


Lazor, % >500 mesh (25 μm)


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