Parenteral drug delivery products are those that are delivered by injection. This method is most often used for drugs that cannot be delivered orally. This is typically due to drug instability, slow response time, patient intolerance (chemo drugs), or desired localized delivery. Some of the delivery types of parenterals include water based, oil based, or powders that are dissolved prior to injecting. The delivery can be immediate or extended. One of the challenges in formulating parenterals is dissolving the drug to ensure accurate dosing (no precipitation). Another challenge is creating extended release profiles with parenterals. Kerry has excipients designed for parenterals that include solubilizers, diluents, emulsifiers, or release modifiers. Kerry lactose can be used a diluent or solubilzer in water based applications. Kerry glycerides can be used as solubilizers or release modifiers. Kerry acetylated glycerides can be used as an oil phase solubilizer. We will work with you to ensure that we offer you a grade of lactose or glyceride that will work in your parenteral formulation.

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