Enteric tablet film coatings are designed to be resistant to stomach acid, and will not dissolve until the tablet reaches the small intestine. These pH dependant tablet coatings can protect the stomach from an acidic API, protect an acid-sensitive API from gastric fluid, or target delivery of the drug to a specific area of the digestive tract.

Kerry offers fully formulated enteric coatings in clear, white, and custom colors. These fully formulated coatings are dry powder dispersions, eliminating the expense associated with purchasing, shipping, storing, and dispensing liquid dispersions. These coatings can be dispersed in water and applied at 20% solids, providing a very efficient coating process.

Sustained release coatings use a water soluble polymer such as HPMC in conjunction with a water-insoluble polymer such as ethylcellulose.

These coatings are supplied as fully formulated dry powder blends, which are applied as dispersion in alcohol or methylene chloride based solvent systems.

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