The use of hard shell capsules is a popular drug delivery method. In the hard shell capsule delivery method, dry ingredients are encapsulated by filling and closing a two piece protective shell, typically made of gelatin, vegetable or cellulose polymers. The advantages of using this method include speed & ease of filling, protection of the API from oxygen and moisture, and control of release. Also, there are many branding options, since capsules come in a variety of colors and shapes with customized logo opportunities.

One of the major challenges in formulating capsules is maintaining a uniform fill weight, which is important for accurate dosing. Lactose has been used for years in capsules as a filling/blending aid due to its low hygroscopicity, inert properties, and most importantly, the availability of various grades with controlled particle size and bulk density. Kerry offers every grade of lactose, including Anhydrous, Spray Dried, and Crystalline Monohydrate, and offers a wide range of particles sizes within each lactose type. This ensures that we will have a match for any desired particle size or bulk density for accurate blending with any type of API.

We will work with you to ensure that you receive the grade that offers the best blending and filling accuracy.

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