Kerry offers a range of chemically defined media and feeds for CHO bioprocess solutions. 

Kerry offers two different chemically defined (CD) media, both are designed to be used as stand-alone products or with Kerry's supplements and feeds for fed-batch systems.

In addition, Kerry has developed two CD Feeds which work synergistically with AmpliCHO CD medium to further enhance fed batch processes.


  • Animal Component Free (ACF)
  • Extended Viable Density and Cell Viability
  • Improved Protein Titer
  • Completely chemical chemically-defined medium that does not contain supplements
  • Compatible with Complex, Defined, and Chemically Defined supplements and feeds for added performance
  • Available in powder and liquid formulations in a variety of delivery modes and sizes
  • Glutamine dipeptide containing and glutamine-free versions available
  • AmpliCHO CD Medium does not contain hypoxanthine or thymidine

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