Orally dissolving tablets are those intended to dissolve on a patients tongue rather than swallowed. This is becoming an increasingly popular dosage form as typically no water is required. This dose form is also are helpful for patients who have difficulty swallowing. This can also be used as a delivery method for drugs that have low bioavailablity in the digestive tract.

Developing orally dissolving tablets can be challenging since the tablet must dissolve fast along with having a pleasant taste and mouthfeel. Typically, the tablet should dissolve in less than 30 seconds according to the USP disintegration test method.

One method of producing this dose is by freeze-drying the mixture. However, the equipment is expensive and must be purchased or the technology and manufacturing licensed. A second method to produce this dose is by producing a powder formulation consisting of multiple excipients that result in a fast disintegrating tablet with good mouthfeel. When development of this type of formula, it is challenging to obtain the right optimization of taste, mouthfeel, tablet strength, and disintegration.

Kerry has developed a complete co-processed excipient system for use in orally dissolving tablets. It is pre-formulated so that only the active ingredient, flavor, and/or sweetener need to be added. The system has been designed for use in standard tablet presses and the tablets can be bottle or blister packed. It is optimize so that it results in fast disintegration with a creamy and pleasant mouthfeel. Depending on the type, and amount of active ingredient used, Kerry can also modify the formula to achieve specific desired formula properties, such as disintegration, mouthfeel, or tablet hardness.

We will work with you to ensure that we offer you an orally dissolving formula that works with your active ingredient and results in optimal taste, mouthfeel, and tablet strength without a sacrifice in disintegration time.

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