The fermentation reaction is a complex transformation of material via the metabolic activity of micro-organisms or via an enzymatic reaction using enzymes obtained from micro-organisms. In 1977, Sheffield's N-Z-Amine™ A (enzymatically hydrolyzed casein) was used in pioneering work with Charon phages as vectors for cloning DNA in E.coli (Blattner, 1977). Since that time countless researchers have reported the use of N-Z-Amine™ A in both bench level and large-scale production of biopharmaceuticals.

Today, Kerry is the only media ingredients supplier worldwide that manufactures both peptones and yeast extracts. We provides peptones in the production and/or feed media of 50% of the top 12 blockbuster drugs produced by Escherichia coli (data 2009) and have a long history of being the number 1 global supplier of refined complex nitrogen sources into media for microbial expression of recombinant proteins. 

Kerry has developed a wide range of supplements to meet the nutritional needs of many microorganisms in a broad range of fermentation applications, please use our formulator to find products 


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