The Standard of Comparison
Direct compression demands the use of excipients with strictly defined properties. Kerry has created excipients specifically to meet the requirements of the direct compression process: Sheffield™ Brand Anhydrous Lactose, -Direct tableting, and -Direct tableting High Velocity.

The originally patented formulation, commonly referred to as Anhydrous DT, is one of the most outstanding and unique direct compression excipients available. Several other grades are now available to optimize tableting performance including Anhydrous DTHV, which has the same superior tableting properties as Anhydrous DT but with exceptional flow. Sheffield™ Brand Anhydrous Lactose offers many distinct advantages over other direct compression products, including; improved tablet hardness at low compaction pressures, low friability, good dissolution, improved moisture stability, reduced color development, and improved reworking ability.


• Replace wet granulation technology
◦ Reduce equipment and process validation
• Excellent tablet hardness at low compression force
• Low friability & excellent dissolution
• High purity and no yellowing - pigment free
• Optimal for tableting with unstable active ingredients
• Moisture stable - renewable 4 year shelf life

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