Medium optimization is an integral part of biopharmaceutical process development. This commonly involves the addition of various supplements to an existing basal medium formulation. There is an on-going debate within the industry as to the various advantages and disadvantages of both defined and undefined media and media components. The choice of which type of system to employ is often motivated by risk mitigation with respect to consistency of performance, as weighed against the underlying goal of achieving the highest possible product titers for any given system. Process development scientists must make these assessments within the context of their own targets and timelines, as well as the tools available to achieve these goals.

As is evidenced by the data generated and presented by Kerry, defined and undefined supplementation solutions may not be mutually exclusive. Not all supplements perform equally in different biopharmaceutical production systems. The interaction among components of the basal medium and those of the supplement (batch or fed-batch) can have significant impacts on overall system performance. While both culture media and supplement systems can share a number of common components, the unique composition of select supplement systems may elicit distinct beneficial responses in cultured cells.

Kerry has designed a unique series of supplement systems applicable for most industrially relevant cell-based production processes. Given the long heritage of Sheffield branded products in the market, many customers have come to trust Kerry for providing not only supplement systems, but also for providing assistance in optimizing media performance across a plethora of media and cellular platforms. As such, Kerry now offers both informal and formal microbial media optimization services and cell culture media optimization services.

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