Clean Label Solutions for Vitamins & Supplements

March 19, 2019

How Kerry Can Meet Clean Label Expectations

In the global dietary supplement market, consumer demands for cleaner labels continues to drive the development of new and innovative products. Additionally, regulatory agencies are also increasingly active in ensuring the safety of food additives used in our daily lives.

As ingredients such as Titanium Dioxide or Magnesium Stearate come under increased consumer and regulatory scrutiny, it has created a need for film coatings and excipients that are free from these for use in dietary & nutritional supplements, as well as pharmaceutical tablets.

We see our customers solve clean label challenges in many ways from reducing and simplifying ingredient statements, to entire brand repositioning. At Kerry, we recognize the need to continually evolve to meet our customer needs who require market appeal, as well as for ease of regulatory compliance.

Kerry’s Clean Label Film Coating and excipient are underpinned by our deep understanding of
the science and regulation of clean label ingredients.

 We can meet clean label expectations through: 

  • Global/Regional Expertise
  • Application Expertise
  • Consumer Insight






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