AmpliCHO CD Feed

AmpliCHO CD Feeds are animal component free, protein free, chemically defined mixture of concentrated nutrients optimized to increase growth and recombinant protein production of CHO cells in suspension culture. They are designed to work with our AmpliCHO CD medium but can also be used with other CD medium.The feeds are available with glucose (GLUC+) and one without Glucose (GLUC-). 

  •  AmpliCHO CD feed (GLUC+)
  • AmpliCHO CD feed (GLUC-)


  • Animal Component Free (ACF)
  • Available as GLUC (+) and GLUC (-)
  • Manufactured under cGMP conditions
  • Replenishes the nutrients needed to ensure high viable cell density, cell viability, and higher product titers


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